About This Blog

This Blog is a part of the Cyberspace Human Rights Initiatives of Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). This initiative intends to safeguard Civil Liberties Protection in Cyberspace.

The aim of this Blog is to make public the websites blocking and website censorship activities of Google and Indian government. Of late search engine results placements (SERPs), blog posts, news articles, etc have been systematically censored by Google. Although this Blog would cover censorship by Google world over, a special focus upon India specific censorship by Google would be there.

We would also cover other blocking activities by Google and Indian government and other authorities and agencies of Indian government.

Further, we would also try to make separate categories and topics that have been censored by Google from time to time so that a pattern can be established and trend can be ascertained.

Although Google gives an idea about the number of governmental requests for blocking of websites and removal of objectionable contents yet Google does not make it public. This Blog would fill that gap, at least regarding some controversial topics of India.

We would analyse the SERPs, Blogs and News results on our own. We also encourage readers and netizens to share their experience and information in this regard. Kindly note this Blog is by no means confined to India alone but world at large. No matter where you are residing, we would love to cover your story, ideas, information, reports, etc. So send your views and information to us at pd37 (at) rediffmail (dot) com and perry4law (at) yahoo (dot) com.