Censorship And Surveillance Under Digital India

Digital India, just like Aadhaar, was started as an enabling and social initiative. However, it is increasingly becoming a tool for spying and civil liberties oppression. Combined with Aadhaar, Digital India has become the biggest Digital Panopticon of the world. Please see the critical analysis and shortcomings of the Digital India project of Narendra Modi Government in this regard. This segment has been started to specifically cover civil liberties violation issues of Digital India.

Twitter has been on the forefront of Social Media censorship when it comes to critical Digital India and Aadhaar related tweets. The following articles reflect this position:

(1) Twitter Is Censoring Aadhaar Related Tweets

(2 ) Aadhaar Project Is A Heavily Censored Subject In India

(3) Twitter Is Now Censoring Critical And Dissenting Digital India Related Tweets

(4) Twitter Is Censoring Dissenting Digital India Related Tweets In Real Time

We would add more articles and news to this segment and the main blog from time to time.